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How to Make Healthy Eating Easy

I read a lot about health.  I may not always implement everything perfectly in my life… but I love to read about it! I first stumbled across Thrive Market via a Facebook post from Jillian Michaels, the exercise diva from the tv show The Biggest Loser.  Later that same week, I saw another Facebook post from Dr. Mark Hyman, who wrote “Ultrametabolism”, “The 10 Day Detox”, and several other health books I have read. I decided to check it out to see what the fuss was all about, and I am glad I did.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online wholesaler offering healthy and organic products shipped right to your doorstep. Because they are a wholesaler and do not have the expense of operating a store front, they offer popular natural food brands at a discount of 25% to 50% off retail price. Shipping is free for orders over $49 (and is generally around $5 if you do not meet that minimum order).  Healthy food shipped directly to your door step is a perfect solution when you suffer from winter depression and would just assume not leave your house until spring!

They offer an impressive range of products and even allow you to shop by categories such as:

Gluten Free


Kids Snacks

Nutritional Energy Drinks

Everyday Household Staples

Green Cleaning Products

Natural Bath and Body Products

With over 4,000 products, it can get a little confusing on what to try.  My suggestions would be to start by try something new for breakfast such as one of their cereals, granola bars or muffins.  The big difference in these products is the ingredients. They are healthy versions of comfort foods without all the added chemicals and preservatives.  Many have added protein, fiber and vitamins that your body needs also.  If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, I personally do not recommend attempting “no carb” diets during the fall or winter.  Try making a batch of muffins and then freezing some in individual plastic bags. Then you can grab one on your way out the door and microwave it for 30 seconds when you get to work.

Food for winter depression   Winter Depression DietDiet Food Seasonal Affective Disorder Diet for SAD

Winter Depression Weight Gain

If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, chances are you are not eating that great especially during the winter.  Nothing like winter weight gain to make you feel more depressed!  I would encourage you not to be a perfectionist about your diet during the winter, but instead try a few small changes. In addition to trying a few new healthier breakfast food, try swapping a few of your snacks for healthier versions also.  Ingredients make all the difference between eating healthy versus eating processed junk food which can make your depression worse. I would encourage you to try a few new snacks to start with also, as you get comfortable you can continue to upgrade your eating habits.

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Coupon Code for Thrive Market

Thrive Market does charge a membership fee similar to other wholesale clubs.  However if you click on the link or picture below, you can try a TWO MONTH FREE Membership and Receive 25% off your First Order courtesy of The Happy Sun!

Can Depression cause weight gain


Please know that The Happy is an affiliate of Thrive Market.  Affiliates may receive a monetary incentive for promoting a product or service including  However, it is The Happy Sun philosophy is to only provide resources believed to help our readers.  Thrive Market offers affordable healthy food delivered to your door step.  For those of us with winter depression, we believe this is a pretty helpful service. If you want to learn more about becoming an affiliate of Thrive Market yourself, you may do so by clicking here.