Jozzie Ray

Jozzie Ray is the author of Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment: Since Humans Shouldn’t Hibernate.

Born in central Massachusetts toward the end of the typewriter generation. Raised in a household that evolved from having a color television with rabbit ears to cable television with a remote control. Familiar with the less intelligent rotary phones, busy signals, and answering machine tapes.  Graduated high school just as dial up internet and Prozac were becoming popular.

Initially learned about Seasonal Affective Disorder from an Oprah episode in the early 1990s and wished she had taped it on her VCR.  She has spent over 25 years reading physically printed books which discuss brain chemical imbalances and a variety of other health issues. She has personally wasted thousands of dollars on gimmicks and supplements that don’t work, only to diligently continue self-experimentation and finally conclude which ones may actually be effective.

She has been well schooled in the art of sarcasm, and is a “wanna-be” neurobiologist.  Known for her outgoing personality, she hides her inner introvert and is actually a closet writer and poet. She can’t draw or color in the lines, but is forever grateful for the invention of Photoshop so she could finally capture her imagination on paper and design this book cover.

She lives by the mantra that laughter heals, and with the heart of a child still hopes she can make a difference in this world.   Happily married for over a decade and a half, and proud mother of two tween-agers who ironically are also well versed in the art of sarcasm.

She currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with her laptop computer,  high speed internet connection, and wicked bad Boston accent. She has now finally finished writing and actually published her first book at age 39 1/2 years old …and as a direct result of this book her house is now a total mess.


Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment: Since Humans Shouldn’t Hibernate

By (author): Jozzie Ray

Do you secretly wish humans could hibernate for the winter? Do you miss your summer sandals so much that you are detoxing with physical withdrawal symptoms and are considering attending a “Flip Flops Anonymous” meeting? You might have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short if you are simply too tired to spell out the whole thing.

Jozzie Ray artfully blends sass and sarcasm with science to help humans who are living a SAD life. Writing with the mantra that laughter is the best medicine, her humorous perspective is refreshing to this is otherwise depressing topic. Having struggled with winter depression herself, she adds the reality of personal situations and offers practical life advice for humans who would rather just hibernate for the winter.

Ever wonder why you crave carbohydrates in the winter? This Seasonal Affective Disorder survival guide includes current scientific research explained in everyday terms. Clarifying how your brain chemicals work by relating them to Hollywood actors at the Oscars makes this in depth scientific information easy to understand. Truly comprehend the biological causes of SAD and discover the reasons behind why certain treatments are effective in the war against winter depression.

Detailed information about vitamins, supplements, light therapy and prescription medications are explained in a nonjudgmental manner along with other possible coexisting conditions including thyroid issues and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD.

Crawl out of your cave, turn on your light therapy box, and turn a few pages in this enlightening book since humans shouldn’t hibernate.

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